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Rosa Salazar was the head writer of the successful multiple character series in Mexico, Mujer Casos de la Vida Real for eleven years. The show was a cultural sensation.  Reruns continue to air in more than twelve countries. 


In recent years as a writer-producer, Rosa  has given life to Televisa’s highest rated prime time programming, breaking audience records with critically acclaimed shows like Absimo de Pasion and Lo Que la Vida me Robo, a program for which she won an award for Best Adaption in 2014. 


Rosa also  penned the  best-selling non-fiction book, Rituales para el Amor, la Belleza y la Prosperidad.  Rosa has written an enormous 6,000 hours of programming. In the process, she also was able to raise, as a single mom, two sons – Martin, a renowned chef and Christian, a highly regarded video producer.

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