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Story Moves Us

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Story Moves Us Fundraising Walk for Storyteller Foundation’s Rainbow Fund


May 7 Phase 1: Training mind, body, spirit, and emotions as we build our storytelling skills, we also will fortify the healthiest instrument of each writer/participant


May (TBD) Phase 2A: Platform Building – Learn in real time how to build your author platform and community, as you train for the walk, engaging your future audience in a global mission of goodwill with your own personal story of paying it forward


May 10 Phase 2B: Fun(d)raising begins. Letters, social media, blogs, articles+


June 29 (and beyond) DPK Day Scribes & supporters begin 5K+ walk(s) to raise funds and awareness for essential diversity in all genres of storytelling and vital scholarship monies for scribes in the Story Summit programs – online and in person


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Lead with your heart. As we build our storytelling skills, we also will fortify the instrument of our mind, body, spirit, and emotional health for the longevity of ourself and all authors and patrons in concert.


Anywhere on the planet


As Story Moves Us, we move the story. Healthy communities encourage a healthy world. Training together for the well-being of each writer, walking participant, potential scholarship winner, and patron, we champion diversity and foster game-changers revising for the good of humanity. Here, together and in the days to come, we rewrite the paradigm in every step.


Last year's Walk for Story saw teams and individuals participate in costume as their favorite characters.  Can you guess who Derek was?

Derek Larthey

Captain Of Story Moves Us

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A Look Back At Our Past Initiatives Experiences


Candace Blust, The Storyteller Foundation’s Director of Diversity, Walks for Story in 2021 with husband and fellow writer, Kane Blust


Jane Sibbett, Storyteller Foundation Chair walks with her mother, daughter and writer, Ruby, and friend, Jason

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