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Comedy Writing for TV Sitcoms
November 16 - 17
8 p.m. - 10 p.m. Eastern (5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Pacific)


Welcome back, Marta F. Kauffman!

Story Summit Writer's School is thrilled to host a comedy writing class with the inimitable, brilliant and ever-glorious Marta F. Kauffman.

While Marta is most famous for co-creating and writing the series Friends, she has co-created and written (and produced) several other popular comedy series/sitcoms: Dream on, Veronica's Closet, Jesse and the beloved Grace and Frankie.

Over two evenings, Marta will offer up and share writing tips, plus she’ll give writing prompts to get you started and keep you writing. She'll help you think through a concept, characters and plot for a sitcom to make it pitch-worthy.


On Wednesday night, she'll be joined by the illustrious Jane Sibbett, who played Carol on Friends. Together, Marta and Jane will devote the evening to collaboration, giving you a chance to experience what happens in a real writers' room. Collaboration is, after all, the key to successful sitcoms.

These two evening classes are specific to the art, nuance, and details of comedy writing.

  • The cliches to avoid.

  • The small, indelible moments that make viewers laugh out loud.

  • The one-liners we often repeat like mantras: I'll have what she's having.

  • Creating characters and situations that have longevity and bring residuals.

  • Creating scenes and dialogue.

  • What to keep on the page and what to toss out.

  • The art and importance of table reads.

While Lucille Ball may have the title “Queen of Comedy,” Marta F. Kauffman is truly the Goddess SHEro Of Comedy Writing.

Join us for these two unforgettable evenings!


Marta F. Kauffman and Jane Fonda on the set of Grace and Frankie. Credit: Deadline


Registration fee: $149 for four hours of instruction.


November 16 - 17

8 to 10 p.m. Eastern (5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Pacific)

Please note: Our classes are designed specifically for live participation, so your attendance is important. If you need to miss a class for any reason, you’ll receive a passcode-protected link to watch the recordings after the course is over.

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