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Learn from the best creative minds and industry leaders.

Executive Director, Story Summit, and Best Selling Author

Managing Director, Story Summit, and NYT Bestselling Author

Screenwriter, Sleepless in Seattle and author of Attachments

NYT Bestselling Author, The House of Eve

Oscar-nominated screenwriter of Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame, Brother Bear & Tarzan

Producer and Screenwriter of Beaches

Author, Damascus & All This Life

Multiple Emmy Award-winner and Author of A Christmas Prince & A Christmas Camp

Programming Executive and Co -Producer, Outlander 

Award-winning head writer of Multi-Seasons TV Series

Screenwriter, Pure Country and Where There's a Will

Film Development Executive and Script Consultant.

Facilitator, Essayist and Author.

Facilitator, Poet


Program Director,

Story Summit

Program Coordinator,

Story Summit

Graphic Designer & Digital Ads Specialist

Videographer, and Living to Write Podcast Producer

Founder, Story Summit. Former Production chief of Walt Disney Studios and Paramount Pictures

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