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 Kauai Writers Conference 2022
November 2022
Lihue, Kauai

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The Story Summit logo contains three mountains, which represent our core values of education, encouragement, and inspiration. The Kauai Writers Conference could easily be the big brother or sister to Story Summit because of these shared values.

The Kauai Writers Conference, led by writer David Katz, has been lifting up and informing writers in an inspirational setting in one of Hawaii’s most beautiful islands for nine years.

As the world opens up again, Story Summit, just over two years old, has now officially aligned itself with the Kauai Writers Conference for November 2022. We will be bringing some of our faculty and our students to the conference, while Kauai will be bringing its faculty and loyal participants.

Kauai is a place of wonder

Kauai is the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands. Its geological history has given it more beaches than the others, as well as spectacularly stunning landscapes. Steven Spielberg used at least seven major locations in Kauai to shoot the iconic world of Jurassic Park.


Some of our most adventurous Summiteers will be hiking the trails and waterfalls of these movie-worthy visions in their free time.

Those seeking more relaxation and calm on their tropical adventure will need look no further than the beach and pool at the beautiful Royal Sonesta Kauai Resort, where the six-day summit takes place. The Royal Sonesta is one of Hawaii’s best. It sits on a lovely beach in its own cove.

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Laura Dern in Jurassic Park. © Universal Pictures. All Rights Reserved

Workshops and conference

The conference is divided into two hubs: four days of master classes (November 7-10) followed by a three-day conference (November 11-13).


The master classes, which are taught in part by faces familiar to the Summit, include a wide variety of subjects, with historical fiction, non-fiction, fiction, memoir, screenwriting, plot development, character creation and much more.


The conference itself includes small groups and panels with an array of literary agents, managers, and publishers.

Unlike the Story Summits of the past, which have set schedules for everyone, this conference is set up a la carte, allowing you to book separate master classes and tickets for the conference itself. You can also leave plenty of time for relaxation or adventure.


Beyond the classes and the conference, you can book your hotel directly through the Kauai portal. There is a travel agent on hand to help and advise you with the best airfares to and from Kauai. You will find it on the website.

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Welcome to our part of heaven: the Kauai Story Summit at the Kauai Writers Conference. Mahalo! We hope to see you there.


Please note: The master classes are capped at 30 participants each, and they’re the first to sell out, so please book early.

Kauai Writers Conference

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