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Join the Small Group Experience
Summer Groups 2024
Specific dates and times will be determined by your mentor.

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"At Story Summit, small groups are ‘Virtuous Circles.’ These writing groups must be honored as such. By definition, a ‘virtuous circle’ is one where a good event feeds on itself in a positive, constructive feedback loop. Our small groups have two purposes: 1) to advance the skill set of every writer who participates and 2) to push forward the specific project the writer is bringing to the group."

— David Paul Kirkpatrick, former president of Paramount Pictures and former production chief of Walt Disney Studios, Story Summit Founder

Participating in a small group is all about progress, about moving your project forward in tangible and meaningful ways. Over a ten-week period, you'll be in a group made up of five writers and one mentor, with weekly meetings designed to improve your writing—no matter what stage you're in—through constructive critiques.


In your small group, you'll be an active participant, offering and receiving support by sharing and commenting. Writing is often a solitary endeavor, but it doesn't have to be a lonely one. That’s, in part, what small group is about!

Your group will gather weekly for 10 weeks at a time predetermined by your mentor. You'll see that time when you choose your mentor (click on the Apply Now button, below).


The sessions, guided by your mentor, will be an hour, but they can and could go over a bit. The cost for the ten-week program is $1,000, and payment plans are available.

When you apply, you'll be asked to upload a 500-word writing sample. You'll also be contacted by your mentor for a brief conversation to determine whether there's good chemistry for both of you.

Most of all, we want you to experience the synergy that can happen when creative spirits support one another to elevate everyone's work. The small group experience helps you see yourself and your writing in a new way, through the eyes of people who value your words and, through thoughtful feedback and workshopping, become your champions.

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What Others Are Saying

“There is so much wisdom at Story Summit, but I found it came gushing to me in torrents during the small group meetings. I was so grateful to have such talented and experienced writers in my group. They helped me to spot my weaknesses, gave me feedback on my writing and allowed me to meet my goals more quickly. They were inspirational, shared their experiences on the creative challenges of writing a novel, and even on the practical challenges that come with a book, such as working with publishers, editors, and marketing. When the sessions end, I know I’ll be able to continue to count on them, and they will certainly be able to count on me. So grateful to my small group.”

— Nikhil Hutheesing, Journalist, 17 year-veteran of Forbes

“Writing is a lonely endeavor. Being able to share this extremely personal art form while in the act of creating, is a blessing. While all of us are at different stages of our projects, I have had the wonderful experience of finishing my book and moving into the publishing process while meeting with my extraordinary group members. This is particularly poignant for me as, along with Jane Sibbett, I was honored with a Best Memoir Award almost two years ago at the very first Story Summit. I cannot recommend small groups enough. It serves as a light in the solitary week of writing for you to look forward to.”

— Jocelyn Jones, acting coach, author of Artist


And Express Your Interest!

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Screenplays & Fiction

Screenplays & Fiction

Fiction, Non-Fiction & Memoir

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Screenplays Including Animation

Fiction, Non-Fiction & Memoir

Memoir, Novel & Screenplays


Television Series

Memoir & Fiction



If you are interested in being part of a small group, please let us know below. This is not a commitment. You will not be billed, nor do we ask for payment information. This is simply a preliminary gauge of your enthusiasm for learning more. Someone will follow up with you by email soon.

You'll be asked to upload a 500-word writing sample on the application form.

Spring - April to June '24 (Open)

Summer - July to September '24 (Open)

Winter - January to March '23 (Sold Out)

Spring - April to June '23 (Sold Out)

Group Specifics

  • Six participants in the group (including mentor).

  • Ten sessions on same day and time every week for ten weeks.

  • Session will be at least one hour.

  • Changes can be made on meeting time if the hive agrees, otherwise consistency prevails.

  • Participants will each bring one project to work on for the ten weeks.

  • Writing project can be in nascent form, outline, research-plan, full draft.

  • Writer-mentor can set format and forum for the one-hour session each week.

  • Participant can recommend direction for small group.

  • Assessment will be made on the last week of the group as to next steps for project.

  • For privacy and security, there will be no recordings of the sessions.

The Small Group Pledge

By agreeing to small group:

  • You must appear on time and consistently.

  • You must plan to achieve a specific intention in the ten-week cycle.

  • You must keep the work of others confidential.

  • You must be constructive even while critical.

  • You must attend with a willingness to take constructive criticism.

“Small group is more than a writing program. It is a wonder.”

 Anne Penaz, author of 14 children’s books through a traditional publisher

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