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The Apple-Red Policy

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Shhh! We’re processing!

At the Middlewick Story Summit, every corner of the landscape, from the serene Chalice Wells to the lofty Tor, encourages your creativity. Just open your notebook or laptop anywhere and let the magic of the land flow into your words!

Both the Mendip View and the Meadow Barn offer spacious and inviting environments. However, we understand that writing is a deeply personal journey, and sometimes you might need solitude, even amidst your friends and fellow writers. Sitting alone at the Middlewick Café doesn't necessarily mean you are open for a coffee klatch.

That’s why we created the apple-red vest policy!

When you don this special piece of apparel, it's a cheery and bright reminder to others around you to respect the solitude of your writing process. It's our way of creating a space where everyone can strive toward their highest writing potential while respecting each other's journeys.

You'll receive a charming apple-red vest for outdoor processing and a matching apple-red T-shirt for indoor processing. The red T and the red vest are part of the registration fee. We will reach out to for sizing, but we would recommend ordering a size larger on the vest to give you extra options on layering beneath the vest.

Our apple-red apparel will give you the inner quiet you need even when you're in public spaces. It's an important and creative way to honor our convivial community and your writing process.

As a side note, Somerset is renowned for its apple orchards. That inspired Story Summit to christen our vest and T-shirt color as "Apple Red." The choice of color carries a deeper resonance, harkening back to the mythical land of Avalon, known as the realm of the eternal apple. In Old Welsh, Avalon translates to "Afalon," a derivative of "afal," the Welsh word for apple. Feel free to call our apple-red vest the “afal-red vest” to signal to others you are really in the know!

Apple Red Policy


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