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Karen Schaler’s Christmas Camp for Writers
December 19 - 20, 2023
8 p.m. to 10 p.m. Eastern (5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Pacific)

What would the holidays be without a happily-ever-after story? From Hallmark to Lifetime to Netflix—and even holiday books!—this genre is wildly popular, with plenty of opportunity for aspiring and established writers.


This two-evening course is for screenwriters, novelists, and fans. It’s for anyone who wants a behind-the-scenes look at the making (and marketing) of holiday joy.


Holiday movies have become big business, with more of them in demand every year. In 2022 alone, there were more than two hundred Christmas movies produced! And that means producers are looking for new material year-round. Whether you’re a seasoned holiday screenwriter, you’re new to the genre, or you simply can’t get enough of holiday movies and want to learn how they’re made, we’re exclusively bringing you Karen Schaler's Christmas Camp for Writers.


Important Note: This program has already started. If you register now you will receive a link to the recordings portal for the previous date.


From fresh ideas to a memorable meet-cute to that all-important first kiss, our Story Summit expert, Karen Schaler, will take you through the writing process for your holiday screenplay.


The TODAY Show calls her “Christmas Karen” for good reason. In just two years, she’s written four holiday screenplays for Hallmark, Netflix, and Lifetime! Plus, she’s branched out to turn her stories into bestselling novels & audio stories, events, and merchandise, to extend her holiday brand.


On both nights of our Christmas Camp for Writers, Karen will teach and inspire you on the ins and outs of holiday screenplays so you can polish your script until it shines.


A three-time Emmy Award-winning journalist, Karen has turned her energies to the joy and cheer of Christmas. Her new book, Every Day is Christmas, is now #1 bestseller in Christmas Books and Movie Tie-Ins on Amazon. It’s based on her own original screenplay, which became a Lifetime movie starring Grammy Award winner and icon Toni Braxton.

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Karen Schaler, aka "Christmas Karen," is featured on NBC's TODAY show.

Important Note: This program has already started. If you register now you will receive a link to the recordings portal for the previous date.


December 19: Discovering the Christmas Movie Magic

Introduction and Welcome

  • Brief introduction to the course and objectives.

  • Personal introduction by Karen Schaler, including her journey as "Christmas Karen."

Journey Through the Deals

  • Screen trailer for the Netflix hit A Christmas Prince, which launched Karen’s Christmas movie career.

  • Share insights on how different deals were secured with Hallmark, Lifetime, and Netflix on A Christmas Prince, Christmas Camp, Every Day Is Christmas, and Rediscovering Christmas.

  • Discuss the process of writing spec scripts, pitches, and treatments.

Q/A on Deal Experiences

  • Karen will answer your questions.

Break for Hot Cocoa and Christmas Snacks

Karen has recipes for Christmas Camp cookies and Christmas Camp hot chocolate, which you’ll receive once you register. You can whip them up and have them ready for the break!

Logline Workshop

  • Interactive session on crafting compelling loglines for story pitches.

  • Participants share their Christmas movie loglines for LIVE feedback from Karen.

The Importance of Branding and Social Media for Writers

  • How branding and a social media presence can catapult a writer's career.

Wrap-up and Preview of Night 2

  • Key takeaways from the night.

  • Trivia contest and book giveaway with Shelfie, the Story Summit Elf!

  • Preview of Night 2’s focus on adapting novels to movies and movies to novels, and how to use real-life events as your inspiration.

December 20: Expanding the Christmas Spirit

Recap and Introduction to Night 2

  • Quick recap of Night 1.

  • Overview of the night with practical workshops focusing on novelizations and turning your holiday movies into novels, audio projects, real-life events, and merchandise.

Adapting Novels to Movies and Movies to Novels

  • Screen the trailers for both Christmas Camp and Every Day Is Christmas.

  • Discuss the process and challenges of turning the Christmas Camp Hallmark movie into a novel.

  • Screen the TODAY show clip featuring Christmas Camp.

  • Share the process of turning a holiday movie into real-live events and merchandise.

  • Share the experience of turning Every Day is Christmas from a script into a novel.

Q/A Session on Adaptions, Novelizations, and Media Exposure

  • Opportunity for attendees to ask questions about novel writing and media appearances. Also, should the book be written first, and then the movie?

Break for Hot Cocoa and Christmas Snacks

  • Time for a second round!

Writing Prompt Workshop

  • A quick, creative writing exercise based on a prompt from your own Christmas memories.

  • Emphasis on thinking quickly and creatively, sparking your own original story ideas.

How to Sell Your Script

  • Insights into selling your movie scripts, with a focus on getting your work in front of Christmas movie producers through emails, Zoom pitches, and queries.

Closing Remarks and Next Steps

  • Final thoughts and encouragement for aspiring writers.

  • Information on any follow-up resources or sessions.

Merry Christmas Party!

  • It’s Christmas Time! Stay for an informal get-together and celebrate with songs, stories, and joyful shares.

  • A special surprise guest will end the evening with an inspirational speech.

Karen Schaler's A Christmas Prince, Netflix's first Christmas movie, and the movie that started the royal Christmas craze.

It’s going to be a VERY jolly class!

For this festive time of year, we want to make our Christmas class extra special. That's why we have surprises in store.

AND the course will be filled with good cheer, making it a holiday event you don’t want to miss.

If you love Christmas movies, there’s no place you’d rather be on December 19-20.

Disclaimer: Karen Schaler’s Christmas Camp for Writers is not sponsored by Hallmark Channel, nor is Story Summit affiliated with the Hallmark Channel. Guest instructors are subject to change.

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