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Introducing Story Summit +
More craft. More community. More inspiration.
Now you can get more of what you love....and save!

Story Summit is more than just a program—it's a community.


We understand the importance of connection, which is why we've created innovative ways for you to engage not only with our faculty but with fellow writers.


You'll never feel alone in your journey, knowing you have a supportive network cheering you on every step of the way.

And because we believe in continuously improving to meet your needs, we're always evolving.


Our program is shaped by your feedback, with new classes and opportunities tailored to provide unparalleled access to industry professionals and their nurturing guidance.

That's why we're thrilled to introduce our latest offering—a comprehensive program that delivers everything you adore about Story Summit and then some.

With an abundance of content, a thriving community, and unwavering support, all at a price that saves you money, there's never been a better time to turn your writing dreams into reality.

Join us for Story Summit +, where your story matters, and the possibilities are endless.

See yourself guided by a constellation of luminaries from the world of writing—esteemed authors, seasoned agents, and visionary producers—each sharing their secrets, insights, and invaluable expertise. With Story Summit +, this dream team of mentors stands ready to illuminate your path, helping you navigate the twists and turns of the storytelling landscape with confidence and clarity.

Story Summit has always been about elevating the world through storytelling. Now, with Story Summit +, we're bringing a new focus to that as we build on the power of story to promote a better world.


• Join us for guidance, inspiration, and practical industry know-how from professionals who are making a positive impact in the publishing and entertainment industries.


• Join us as we use the power of storytelling to shape the future for a more peaceful and positive world.


• Join us to advance your writing and take your place as a storyteller with a dream and a purpose. We’ll help you bring your stories to life and into the world!

Welcome to Story Summit +

Story Summit + is a unique subscription program that brings you celebrity guest lecturers, faculty coaching sessions, year-long support in getting your books published and manuscripts produced, plus all of the classes and free programs you’ve come to count on through Story Summit.


Here’s a quick look at the value of everything you'll get with an annual subscription to Story Summit+.

Monthly guest lectures by leading professionals in publishing and entertainment.

Monthly two-hour coaching sessions led by Story Summit faculty.

The Doctor Is In Program.

Frame Forward program on getting scripts produced.

Quarterly agent pitching sessions.

Access to all class recordings from 2020 through 2022 (32 classes).

20% discount on select classes (except mentor-led small group or in person events like Middlewick).

Premium Story Summit swag.

Regular surprises and special offers.











Write Together sessions three times a week.

​TOTAL  $7,799.  All yours for $799 a year!

Plus, with an annual subscription, you’ll receive first dibs for registration to on-site events, VIP treatment at those events, plus these benefits:

  • Free programs: WSYWHY, Bravehearts, Book and Film Club, Table Reads.

  • Living to Write podcast.

  • Quarterly open houses.

  • Private Facebook Summiteers group.

It started with a Summiteer’s simple request.

Earlier this year, a student asked these questions: “Can we get more coaching from faculty? Maybe on a different topic every month?”

We loved the idea. And it prompted us to ask more “What if?” questions.

  • What if we added additional programs and learning opportunities?

  • What if we brought in top-tier guest lecturers—the people who are making a real impact in the world through their writing and creativity?

  • What if we created a way for Summiteers to come together and write so you’d have accountability and a writing schedule?

  • What if we could find new ways to help students market their books and scripts so you’d have help navigating an ever-changing industry?

  • What if we could build on everything Story Summit has done so far and make it even better, offering Summiteers more value for less money?

Before we knew it, Story Summit + was born.

And it all started with a Summiteer who was eager to learn and evolve.

We value the exchange of ideas and the collaboration that guides our growth. Please know that, as we introduce Story Summit +, our intention is to preserve the culture of community and support that we’ve cultivated at Story Summit.

And whether you subscribe to Story Summit + or not, we’re here to elevate you, your talents, your voice, and your message. 

Let’s look at some of the big new features of Story Summit +.

Click on each to read more.

Take a look at the benefits of membership.

With Story Summit +, you can choose either a monthly or annual subscription and receive even more content than ever before at a remarkably affordable price.


And if you'd like to participate in Story Summit without a subscription, you can do that, too. Our quality classes and community are here for you, inviting you to explore, learn, and grow alongside your fellow storytellers. 

Important Note: If you have a promo code for a monthly or annual subscription, your fee will stay at that rate as long as you keep your subscription active.

  • Most Popular

    Annual Story Summit +

    Every year
    Save $159 when billed annually
    • VIP Lecture Series by Top-Tier Professionals
    • Monthly Two-Hour Group Coaching Sessions
    • Write Together Sessions
    • The Doctor Is In Program
    • Frame Forward on Getting Scripts Produced
    • Quarterly Agent Pitching Panels
    • Access to Class Recordings from 2020 through 2022
    • 20% Discount on Classes
    • Resource List for Beta Readers/Critique Partners
    • Premium Story Summit Swag
    • Private Facebook Summiteers Page
    • Free Programs
    • Living to Write Podcast
    • Quarterly Open Houses
    • First Dibs for Registration to On-Site Events
    • VIP Treatment at On-Site Events
    • Regular Surprises and Special Offers
    • 12 Months for the Price of 10
  • Monthly Story Summit +

    Every month
    • VIP Lecture Series by Top-Tier Professionals
    • Monthly Two-Hour Group Coaching Sessions
    • Write Together Sessions
    • The Doctor Is In Program
    • Frame Forward on Getting Scripts Produced
    • Quarterly Agent Pitching Panels
    • Free Programs
    • Living to Write Podcast
    • Quarterly Open Houses
    • Private Facebook Summiteers Page

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Full-Price Classes

Free Programs

Full-Price On-Site Events

Living to Write Podcast

Quarterly Open Houses

Private Facebook Summiteers Page


Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t Miss this Introductory Price

Why wait? Join us for Story Summit +, where every story matters, and every writer is celebrated. Together, let's embark on a journey of creativity, community, and boundless possibility.
Sign up by May 31, 2024, and your price will never go up!


Sadeqa Headshot photo.jpg

“I believe that, when you know something, the gift is in sharing it with others. Iron sharpens iron, and teaching at Story Summit has made me a better writer. I often tell my students that I get as much out of the classes as they do.”

—Sadeqa Johnson, New York Times bestselling author



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