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Her Spirit Women’s Writing Retreat:
Reawakening, Renewing, Re-envisioning

October 24 - 28, 2021
La Fonda Hotel, Santa Fe, New Mexico

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It's been a long year. A year of solitude for some, re-adjustments for so many, a year of re-evaluating and re-assessing. Digging deep down and finding our true selves. Our true desires. Our true hopes and dreams. 


For many of us this has been a year of excavating and finding what it is we really want to do, accomplish, create. 


And one thing we’ve all pretty much agreed on: we deeply long for community. To sit around the proverbial campfire with other women and share stories, share our lives, open our hearts.


Through these past few months of the Story Summit Writer's School, we've made new friends, we've found a tribe that sees and hears us and wants the very best for us.


We’ve cheered each other on in Zoom classes, and now it's time for us to go back out into the world in person and do what we do best: raise each other up, lift each other high, and inspire one another to go further out into the world and create magic through our very words.


Please join us—all the extraordinary faculty pictured above, along with dozens of creative women like you—October 24th to 28th at La Fonda Hotel in Santa Fe for our very first Her Spirit Retreat. To learn more about our faculty and program, please see below.

We’ll help you replenish, rejuvenate, recalibrate, reinvent, and restore—to write your life and shake the Universe with your power.

It’s time. It’s time for a sisterhood of women to come together after isolation, hug one another, and raise our voices through writing. To speak of joy and heartache, and what it means to be human. To learn about creativity and craft and feel the spark of creativity ignite and blaze—once again or for the very first time.


It’s everything you’d want in a gathering of women. A beautiful setting, Extraordinary faculty who are dedicated to creating a safe, intimate experience for you, and opportunities to discover something new so you can leave loving yourself and your writing even more.

Here’s how the retreat will unfold.

Her Spirit is part craft, part self-discovery. We’ll start Sunday night with a welcome reception and keynote. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, we’ll offer large group session, breakouts, free time and an evening activity. Wednesday night we’ll have an evening of appreciation, and Thursday morning we’ll say farewell over breakfast.


We’ll talk about reclaiming your voice through your writing, deepening your relationships, finding the heart of the story in you.


How do you find universal themes for your writing? How do you heal your past by telling your story? How can you and other women writers emerge as leaders, owning the power of your work?


You’ll write, you’ll share, you’ll move and stretch and remember. You’ll connect with the deepest layers of who you are as a writer and as a woman. And you’ll do it all in one of the most celebrated cities of the Southwest.

Look at the photo gallery of our past two events