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Campus Activities

Campus Activities

Morning Meditations


Begin your day with a mindful morning meditation. Embrace tranquility as you channel inner peace, setting a calm and focused tone for your day. Depending on the mood of the weather, we'll conduct these meditative sessions in the embrace of the great outdoors, within the tranquil confines of our spa, or under the soothing curves of our meditation dome. Who knows? We may even want to get up early and conduct a sunrise meditation on the Tor.

The Simple Act of Walking the Grounds

Immerse yourself in the quintessential charm of the sprawling 16-acre country haven that beckons you for a leisurely stroll. Middlewick’s vibrant landscape teems with life - chickens ambling freely, the cat basking in the sun, the dogs following you, lush fields unfurling into the distance, and enchanting forests standing sentinel. And always within view is the Tor. Each step you take on this land, each breath of fresh air you draw, brings a deeper connection to nature and a stirring of the senses, revitalizing your creative wellspring.

Walking is not just a journey for the body, but also the mind. It's scientifically proven to stimulate the creative process. Researchers from Stanford University have shown that walking, whether indoors or outdoors, significantly boosts creative inspiration. The act of walking itself, independent of the environment, proved beneficial in stimulating new ideas and problem-solving skills.

So, as you sojourn the pathways of Middlewick, be it through the whispering forests or alongside the fields, know that you're not merely taking a walk. You're fostering an environment for your imagination to bloom, catalysing a creative journey that extends far beyond the page.

Writing Every Day

Find your muse anywhere and everywhere...within the cozy confines of your cottage, the inviting spread of an outdoor picnic table, beneath the whispering leaves of a tree, in the ambient hum of the café, the soothing calm of the spa, or at an alfresco table by the café. 


Immerse yourself in rejuvenation for your mind, body, and soul with Middlewick’s Spa selection of treatments, uniquely offered within charmingly transformed shepherd's huts. The Middlewick Spa, nestled in a verdant expanse of 16 acres teeming with orchards, fields, and gardens, gifts you with tranquil views of the Glastonbury Tor and the Mendip Hills. Embrace serenity in the Spa Lounge either before or after your therapy, complementing your treatment perfectly, or just come in and do some writing.

Swimming Pool and Steam

Indulge in the serenity of Middlewick's heated indoor pool, where you can take a leisurely swim at your own pace. In the ebb and flow of the water, find a rhythm that complements your writing process, allowing your thoughts to untangle and new ideas to surface. Or perhaps you'd prefer the steam room—a cocoon of warmth that invites deep contemplation. As the gentle steam envelops you, let it dissolve any creative blocks, giving space to fresh perspectives and inspiring revelations.

These moments of relaxation and rejuvenation away from your desk are vital components of the writing process. They provide you with an opportunity to detach, to view your work from a distance, and to return to it with a renewed mind and an invigorated spirit. So take that swim, bask in the steam room, and then dive back into your narrative, ready to elevate it to its utmost potential. Remember, these experiences are all part of the holistic Middlewick Story Summit journey, designed to nurture not only your writing prowess but also your overall well-being.

The Middlewick Café

At the heart of Middlewick is the Café, with its comforting ambience, serving a full breakfast and lunch menu, complete with barista coffee, specialty hot drinks, and homemade pastries. Open daily, it's an oasis of local, home-cooked, seasonal fare, satisfyingly served for those seeking a bite on the move or a leisurely catch-up with friends. Whether you find inspiration at one of the 50 indoor seats or prefer to pen your thoughts under open skies at one of our 40 outdoor patio spaces, it's an ideal spot for writing and reflection.

The café warmly welcomes our four-legged guests, much to the delight of Middlewick’s free-range Labradoodles, chickens, and cat. In fact, a trip to the café wouldn't be complete without your furry friend by your side, joining you as you enjoy a well-deserved coffee break or leisurely lunch.

The Middlewick Farm Shop


The farm shop passionately champions local businesses. Somerset contains a treasure trove of fantastic producers - from the creamiest cheeses and robust ciders to local ales and rich chocolate. As you wander through the diverse offerings of the Middlewick Farm Shop, you're not only supporting these small businesses, but also discovering unique brands and artisanal treats that might be new to you. It's a gourmet adventure that can introduce you to flavors that are distinctively Somerset. Why not pick up a selection of these exceptional ingredients for a memorable evening meal? Prepare something special in your cottage kitchen and enjoy it before settling in for the night's read-aloud of the material you've penned throughout the day.

There's something special about the intimacy of shared meals with fellow writers, especially when they lead to discussions about your work, the day's inspiration, and the stories that are yet to unfold.


October 6 to November 16, 2024



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