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Local Sojourning

Avalon Orchard: A tranquil haven of heritage apple trees, Avalon Orchard rests in the shadows of the Glastonbury Tor. This tranquil space invites contemplation and leisurely exploration amidst the aged trees, many of which are adorned with ribbons, messages, and tokens left by visitors. Seasonally, it is a place of blossoming beauty and plentiful harvest, offering a quiet connection to the cycle of nature amidst its gnarled trunks and falling fruit.

Chalice Well and Gardens: One of the oldest continuously used holy wells in Britain, the Chalice Well is shrouded in myth and legend, said to be where the Holy Grail is hidden. Its iron-rich water, flowing from the ground, is considered to have healing properties. The surrounding gardens offer a tranquil oasis for meditation and reflection.

White Spring Well & Temple: Located close to the Chalice Well, the White Spring is a unique, candle-lit water temple where visitors can connect with the spiritual energies of Glastonbury. It's filled with standing water, emanating from the calcium-rich spring, which is also thought to have healing properties. The temple features various altars dedicated to different deities and is a place for quiet reflection and ceremony.

Glastonbury Tor: Rising dramatically from the flat landscape of the Somerset Levels, Glastonbury Tor is steeped in mythology and folklore, said to be the home of the fairy king, Gwyn ap Nudd, and linked to the Arthurian legend. A walk up to St. Michael's Tower, which crowns the Tor, offers panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. The Tor has spiritual significance for many people, being considered a point of powerful Earth energies.

Glastonbury Abbey: Once among the richest and most powerful monasteries in England, Glastonbury Abbey today stands as a romantic ruin set in peaceful parkland. It's often associated with the Arthurian legend, said to be King Arthur and Queen Guinevere's final resting place. Explore the historical and spiritual significance of the site and enjoy the tranquility of the surrounding gardens.

Glastonbury High Street: A bustling blend of unique shops, cafés, and historical buildings, Glastonbury High Street reflects the town's quirky and bohemian character. You'll find an array of shops selling spiritual and mystical items, books, local crafts, and organic food. Be sure to visit the Tribunal, a 15th-century townhouse that now serves as the town's tourist information center and houses the Lake Village Museum on the upper floor.

St. John's Church: Overlooking High Street, St. John's Church is a beautiful Anglican church featuring intricate stone carvings, stained glass windows, and a peaceful churchyard. It's especially noted for its magnificent timber roof, carved with angels and intricate patterns. The church offers a quiet retreat from the busyness of the town and a place to appreciate the craftsmanship of past centuries.

Wearyall Hill: Famous for the Holy Thorn tree—which according to legend was planted by Joseph of Arimathea who visited Glastonbury with the Holy Grail—Wearyall Hill is a site of pilgrimage and folklore. Although the original tree was vandalized, its cuttings are planted around the town. From the top of the hill, you can enjoy expansive views over the Somerset Levels, making it a perfect spot for a leisurely walk.


October 6 to November 16, 2024

Local Sojourning


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