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Middlewick Writing Residency
October 2025


We’ve re-envisioned the Middlewick experience in Glastonbury, England, as a one-month residency where you can focus on your writing. We’ll offer our signature times of writing together in the mornings and reading together in the evenings, along with a few planned field trips and dinners. Mostly, though, the time and expansive English countryside are all yours to make self-directed progress on your work in a community of writers. You can come for a week or up to a month to get in that stretch of writing you’ve been dreaming of. The month will be topped off by Halloween in Glastonbury on Friday, October 31.

Profile and purpose: The leisurely pace, excellent on-site food, and self-contained setting make it easy to settle in and write. When you need a creative break, Glastonbury, the Tor, and the legends of Somerset are within walking distance of your cottage.

Ballpark cost: Per seven night week : $1200 (includes mentorship, lodging, but no meals).

Interest Form For Retreats 2025

Thank you for taking a few moments to fill out this survey, which will help us plan our in-person events for 2025. Your participation in the survey doesn’t obligate you in any way. It’s simply a chance for us to gauge the levels of interest among Summiteers.

Please rate your level of interest in attending each of the following events:

Writing Paris, late April 2025
Hollywood Field Trip, late May 2025
Her Spirit Women’s Retreat, late August 2025
Middlewick Writing Residency, October 2025
Kauai Writers Conference (with Story Summit discount), November 2025

What kinds of experiences would be most valuable to you? Please check all that apply.

Other Experiences

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