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Writing Spots

Glastonbury and Middlewick Holiday Cottages provide some wonderful spots for those seeking inspiration or solitude for writing. Here are a few places you might consider:

At Middlewick:

  1. Gardens and grounds: The cottages are set in beautiful grounds with stunning views of Glastonbury Tor. Finding a quiet spot in the gardens or under a tree can be the perfect location to sit with a notebook or laptop.

  2. Your own room: Each of the cottages is comfortable and well-furnished, providing a peaceful and private space for you to write. If you need an additional desk or table for writing, just let the staff know and Middlewick will accommodate.

  3. The Middlewick Café: If you prefer a cozy indoor setting with the hum of ambience. you can settle down with a warm drink at the café.

In Glastonbury:

Weather permitting, bring your notebook or laptop and pack it in your backpack and write in the land of myth and magic. Here are a few ideas that are within walking distance.

  1. Glastonbury Abbey: The ruins of this ancient abbey provide a serene and historical backdrop that could inspire some beautiful prose or poetry.

  2. Chalice Well and Gardens: This peaceful garden surrounding a natural spring is often quiet, making it an ideal spot to write while surrounded by natural beauty.

  3. Glastonbury Tor: If you don't mind a bit of a climb, the views from the top of the Tor can be breathtaking and very inspiring.

Remember that inspiration can strike in the most unexpected of places, so keep an open mind and explore the area thoroughly.



October 6 to November 16, 2024

Writing Spots


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