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A Course in Miracles for Writers
Spiritual Empowerment for Your Best Life and Writing
November 2, 9, 16, 30. December 7, 14, 2023

8 to 9:30 p.m. Eastern (5 to 6:30 p.m. Pacific)

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There are a lot of noisy voices in this world, and it probably seems like many of them are trying to tear you down.

Who do you think you are, wanting to be a writer? Why do you think you have anything to say? You’ll never make it, so why even try?

Not only do those voices come from other people, they come from inside us, too. “Who am I to think I can write?” may be one of the most universal questions that writers ask themselves.

This isn’t a question about craft or talent. It’s a question rising from the soul, and when it’s “unpacked,” it means: Do I matter? Do I have something to say? Why do I think anyone would listen to me?


The question comes from a deeply human feeling of self-doubt. But it doesn’t have to control you or wake you up in the middle of the night. When you start to understand yourself from a different perspective, the insecurity can naturally quiet down and disappear, allowing you to live and write with more harmony, balance, and even joy.

This six-week class is designed to introduce you to that new perspective. It’s based on A Course in Miracles, a self-study program known as “spiritual psychotherapy” that was first published in the 1970s.

The Course is the basis for many of today’s spiritual authors and teachers, and its teachings have been adopted into modern-day psychotherapy. It explains the ego, or shadow side, that so often makes us feel limited and unworthy, doubting our abilities as writers and even our value as human beings.

In this six-week class, we’ll discuss the main principles of the Course and how you can use them every day to write and live with more joy and purpose.

We’re offering this class because we want you to write a great story AND live a great story. Understanding yourself as a human and spiritual being—with the power to choose your thoughts and responses to life—is one of the most useful tools you can have.


An important note: Because A Course in Miracles is a spiritual text, it’s based on a belief in a higher power, and that will be an essential part of the discussions. You may call that power God, Source, Creator, Muse, Spirit, Divine Love, or other name—simply being open to the presence of a power beyond our human existence is key.

Image by Alexis Brown

Here’s how the program will unfold.

Using passages from the Course, we’ll look at the basic teachings and apply them to your everyday life as a writer.

The class will include guided meditations, journaling, and homework assignments to help shift your mindset about yourself and your writing. Each week’s focus will give you a foundation for understanding yourself better.

  • We’ll talk about the idea of the tortured or broken artist.

  • Can you be happy and write drama?

  • How do you live a good life and write a great story?

  • Why are we so hard on ourselves, and how can we start supporting ourselves emotionally instead?

  • How do your habits of thought affect your moods and creativity?

  • How can we let go of old programming that keeps us stuck?

  • How do you maintain your stability and sense of personal power in an industry where rejection is part of the process?

  • How can you support yourself emotionally over long periods of creative or financial drought?

  • How do we stop comparing our talent or success with others?

  • How do you find and maintain a higher purpose for your writing?

  • How do you collaborate with and follow your spiritual guidance?

  • Why are acceptance and forgiveness important to writers? How do we practice them?

  • How can you find a great sense of purpose in your writing?

  • Are peace, trust, and joy possible? How?

We’ll use lots of practical examples and Q&A to make this applicable to your life every day.

If you’re familiar with the Course, great. If you’ve never heard of it before, great. No previous experience is necessary.

"I highly recommend Debra Engle’s Miracles for Writers course. It was transformational. It helped change my perspective from a place of fear to a place of peace; to write with purpose and intention; to experience the joy of writing. And Debra is the consummate guide."
—Susan Gates

"I gave up writing many times because of the pain it caused. Joining A Course in Miracles for Writers was one of the best decisions for my writing. It is literally a miracle. Debra creates an aura of inspiration, energy, and comfort. I accepted the gift, which not only changed the way I found joy in writing but also affected my relationships and my perspective on my life. This course brought an amazing group of people together. Love poured into my day, and translated into my writing." —Aysu Tazebay

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a religious course?

No, A Course in Miracles is called spiritual psychotherapy because it teaches a way of understanding our thought patterns and how we can shift from fear to love. It’s written with Christian references, but it’s not a religious course. We’ll be using language like Spirit, God, a higher power, and Creator, and if any of those words get in your way, you can substitute the word Love.


How will this help my writing?

The better you know yourself, the better writer you can become, and the insights in A Course in Miracles are profound. At the heart of great writing is the heart of a human

being with deep wisdom and stories that can heal and inspire. But if you’re stuck in fear or feel you’re broken or not enough, writing and sharing those stories can be scary, even paralyzing. At the very least, this class can help you navigate the world of rejections with more purpose and confidence. But it also can open you up to a whole new belief in who you are and what you’re capable of.


Do I need to buy the book A Course in Miracles?

No, you don’t. Debra Engle, your facilitator, has studied the Course for more than 35 years and led classes in it for more than 20, and she has incorporated its teachings at the heart of her books. She'll send out materials specifically designed for this class.


Registration fee: $249 for 9 hours of instruction


Nov 2, 9, 16, 30. Dec 7, 14, 2023

8 - 9:30 PM Eastern (5 to 6:30 PM Pacific)

Please note: Our classes are designed specifically for live participation, so your attendance is important. If you need to miss a class for any reason, you’ll receive a passcode-protected link to watch the recordings after the course is over.

A Peek at Our Past Virtual Classes



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