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What the Residency Fee Covers Over the Two-Week Period


Experience an enriching journey of growth and learning with our exclusive residency membership, available at an incredibly valued rate of only $2,000 for the two-week program. If you wish to stay longer than two weeks, the rate drops even further to $600 per week—an offer designed to keep our thriving community together for longer. This per-week cost includes six evening meals.

What makes this offer so enticing? Our residence fee is your golden ticket to an array of group experiences and culinary delights, each thoughtfully curated to nurture your growth and foster a sense of community.

Come join our community at our most value-packed rate ever. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of creativity, inspiration, and camaraderie, and elevate your journey of self-discovery with Story Summit.

1. Onsite Project Guidance
At the heart of our program is the commitment to nurturing your literary project. This year, we're proud to offer onsite guidance from at least two mentors during your stay, ensuring personalized support and invaluable insights for your work. This dedicated mentorship is designed to foster growth, challenge perspectives, and aid in the refinement of your project, all within the tranquil environment of Middlewick.

2. Culinary Celebrations
On weekdays, our evening readings, a cornerstone of the residency, will now be accompanied by mezze buffets. Served in three distinct locales around Middlewick, these gatherings promise to be a feast for the senses, featuring locally sourced vegetarian and animal proteins, alongside sparkling beverages and fine wines. Additionally, two Sunday roasts will offer a comforting taste of tradition, using only the best vegetarian options and locally sourced meats, ensuring every meal is an experience in itself. All these meals are included in your residency. Other meals are on your own to enjoy the on-site café, prepare a meal in your cottage, or explore the many fine restaurants in Glastonbury and beyond.


3. Cultural Excursions
Embark on two one-day trips designed to inspire and invigorate. With destinations including the historic sites of Bath and Stonehenge, these excursions include lunch, transportation, and all museum or exhibit fees, allowing you to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of local heritage and natural beauty without a care. To learn more about the day trip offerings, go here.


4. Wellness and Relaxation
In line with our ethos of mindfulness, the two-week residency now includes six yoga classes (three a week) to invigorate the body and awaken the mind. You also can opt for a spa treatment of your choice, offering a range of therapeutic treatments at the Middlewick spa to rejuvenate the spirit and enhance creative flow. This holistic approach ensures a balance of productivity and relaxation, cultivating an environment where creativity can flourish.


5. Comprehensive Local Transportation
This year, we're delighted to enhance our residency program with the inclusion of comprehensive vehicle transportation, facilitating effortless excursions to the vibrant heart of Glastonbury, directly from Middlewick. While this convenient service is part of the residency fee, it's important to note that airport transfers will remain separate, ensuring clarity and convenience for all involved.


6. Middlewick Story Summit Tote Bag
Each participant will receive the exclusive Middlewick Story Summit Tote Bag. The classic LL Bean tote used at the Summits for Cape Cod and the Caribbean have been requested. This sturdy bag is perfect for the English countryside and secure enough for laptop, iPad, books, and snacks. The bag will also include a travel umbrella, a rain jacket (ideal for the unpredictable English weather), detailed maps of Glastonbury, and a signed print from renowned photographer Mike Jeffries, capturing the mesmerizing double rainbow over the Tor. It's not just a bag; it's a class act.

Note: A deposit of $500 is required by March 31 to secure your two-week residency at the cost of $2,000. If the deposit is waived and a full payment is made, the total cost for a two-week residency will be reduced by $200 for a total fee of $1800. Payment plans are available, but deposits must be received by March 31.

On April 1, the residency price will increase to $3,500.

The Middlewick campus is limited to sixty beds, so be certain to book early.


October 6 to November 16, 2024

Residence Fee


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