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What We Learned from 2023

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Elevating the Creative Journey:

A Look into Our 2024 Writers in Residence Program

“Middlewick 2023 was the experience of a lifetime. Last year was transformational for me. Wonderful people, a magical place, and as a boon, I completed a first draft!”

– Roni Keller, attorney, writer, and mom

Local Transportation

Last year, it was sometimes impossible to find a cab. This year, we're delighted to enhance our residency program with the inclusion of comprehensive vehicle transportation, facilitating effortless excursions to the vibrant heart of town, directly from Middlewick.


While this convenient service is part of the residency fee, it's important to note that airport transfers are not included, ensuring clarity for all involved.

Evening Meals with Read-Throughs

This year, these intimate gatherings will be complemented by light but satisfying "mezze" buffets provided by Middlewick. These culinary celebrations feature a bounty of locally sourced vegetarian and animal proteins, alongside sparkling beverages and a selection of fine wines.


It's an ambience crafted for inspiration, connection, and culinary delight. The readings will also be smaller, with locations scattered through the campus. This format ensures that every voice is heard, and every story is shared.

Yoga and Stretching


Mindfulness and well-being are at the core of our ethos. To this end, the residency fee now includes a morning yoga program, available three times a week, designed to invigorate the body and awaken the mind.


For those seeking a more tactile form of relaxation, a massage is also available at the spa, offering a choice of therapeutic treatments to rejuvenate the spirit and enhance creative flow. This, too, is included in your registration.

Day Trips


Our cultural excursions, including the much-loved day trips to Bath and Stonehenge, will once again be a highlight. Two day trips over the two weeks will be included in the residency fee. Those day trips include all meals, museum and site-fees, and transportation.


The fee does not include souvenirs for Aunt Nettie at the gift shop. These journeys beyond-the-pen promise to enrich the creative experience, offering a blend of historical awe and natural beauty.


October 6 to November 16, 2024

What We Learned


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