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At the Story Summit Writer’s School, we see you in all your gifts, your eagerness, and your inspiration. We see you when you feel discouraged and when you soar. We see your potential even when you can’t. And we see and understand the power of your dreams because every one of us has dreamed them, too.

If you long to write, to grow, to master your craft and to find success in publishing, screenwriting, television or stage, we will guide you. Putting words on a page may be a solitary act, but now you can do it as part of a vibrant, caring community.


It’s important not just to learn about story, but to know the storytellers. We’ve hand-
selected our faculty—dozens of award-winning and highly acclaimed professionals
within the publishing and entertainment industries. They respect the heart and soul of
writing, and your heart and soul as well.



We offer extraordinary courses in craft, genre, and writing as an act of self-discovery.

Most courses are offered live via Zoom in two-hour blocks during the day, Monday through Friday, and they are repeated in the evening to meet your schedule.

In all our courses, faculty members rotate according to their area of expertise, bringing
you world-class instruction on every topic.

Here’s what’s coming up.

Complimentary Offerings



The Story Summit Writer’s School places great value in the creative process fueled by the pursuit of story. The Writer’s School Directed Study serves as a personalized resource for the needs of individual writers and the development of their screenplays, manuscripts or other writings. The Directed Study allows for particularly advanced writers to expand their creative horizons under the personal direction of world class mentors, encouraging students to explore tutelage outside the school’s major disciplines. The Directed Study helps writers to develop not only into complete artists, but well-rounded human beings who write.


In the Story Summit Directed Study, the writer and mentor or faculty member agree on a course of individualized study with guidance from the instructor. Each Directed Study reflects the personal needs of the writer and their story.


To apply for a Directed Study, students must submit a completed DIRECTED STUDY APPLICATION that describes the scope of work and faculty of choice. The application will be processed and a Directed Study Course Outline and fee will be returned to the applicant for review.


There is no greater agony than bearing 
an untold story inside of you.

Maya Angelou


Courses on craft, genre and self-discovery, including sacred writing, how to write cookbooks and gardening manuals, memoir for mothers and daughters, research for historical fiction, writing about your cultural heritage, setting the scene, TV series from the inside out, and A Thousand Words: writing inspired by photojournalists' and illustrators' arresting images.


And that's just a start.



Thanks for submitting!

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